What is the return policy?

Unfortuantely we do not offer refunds once your BOMB Box has shipped due to sanitary concerns.

Click here to read our full return policy

Is local pick-up offered?

USPS is our only delivery method at this time but we will be offering pick-up in the metro Atlanta area soon!

How many bundles would I need?

Chanel Wavy: For a full look we always recommend 3 bundles and for anything over 26" 4 bundles may even be necessary.

Kimora Curly: For a full look we always recommend 3 bundles and for anything over 26" 4 bundles may even be necessary to layer the curls.

What lengths are best for me?

Each bundle length will look different on different Baddies based on their height. We recommend doing a bit of research for what would best suit you.

Feel free to contact us as well so we can assist with any questions or concerns before placing an order!

What products should I use for my bundles?

Our biggest advice is to treat your bundles like your own hair!

  • Avoid using products with Sulphates or Alcohol
  • We recommend use a Clarifying Shampoo & Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Avoid oily products and instead look for hydrating products containing Argan or Moroccon Oil
  • Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf and/or use silk pillowcases
  • Be sure to wash your bundles if left installed longer than a week or two
  • Brush and detangle regularly!

Can I dye or bleach my bundles?

Yes! BOMBula Bundles only carries 100% RAW human hair so you can treat it as if it were your own hair. We do however recommend a licensed cosmetologist to perform any chemical processing to avoid any unnecessary damage to the quality or longevity of your bundles.

Can I use my bundles for microlinks?

Yes! All of BOMBula Bundles' hair extensions are double-wefted/double-drawn making them perfect for microlinks.

How long are my bundles good for?

Unlike most bundles, the fullness of BOMBula Bundles' hair extensions avoids the appearance of thinning despite natural hair shedding. If kept in good condition our bundles can be reused through multiple installs!